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  • Relevant Regulations and Codes of Practice
  • General Responsibilities
  • Basic Scaffold Terminology (Components & Application)
  • Servicing of Equipment, Tube, Fittings,
  • Boards & Stock – Quality Control
  • Health, Welfare, Hygiene & Housekeeping.
  • Electrical Safety
  • Fire Prevention & Control
  • Noise & Vibration
  • Work at Height
  • Accident Prevention & Reporting
  • Personal Protective Equipment
  • Site Transport Safety (Including Loading & Unloading)
  • Equipment & Tools
  • Manual Handling (Including a practical element)
  • Lifting Equipment Using a Rope & Wheel
  • Questions/Test Paper

Good understanding of spoken and written English. Please contact us if you have any concerns in this area.

Delegates wishing to book one of these courses will be required to have a CITB HS&E Test (or accepted exemption) in place at the time of booking. The CITB HS&E Test (or accepted exemption) needs to have been passed within the previous 23 months before the course start date.

By booking a course, you are agreeing to abide by our Terms and Conditions.

CISRS Scaffolding Operative Training Scheme (COTS) Certificate.

The college will apply on your behalf for a CISRS scaffolders labourers or CISRS scaffolders trainee card.

As well as passing the COTS course, you must pass the Health, safety and environment test to apply for the relevant CISRS card.

Teaching and Assessment

The course is one day (eight hours) long. It includes a minimum of six hours’ tuition, and practical exercises and exams.

CITB Funding

Grants are available for eligible employers. For further information please visit the CITB website.

NASC Funding

The following funding is available and easily claimed through the members area of the NASC website. Please contact funding@nasc.org.uk with any questions.

Claim £150 to help pay for a CISRS Operatives Training Scheme (COTS) course. Please note the operative will need to have completed their training already.

Newly Qualified CISRS Scaffolder
Claim £200 for operatives qualifying for their first CISRS Scaffolder Card.

Newly Qualified CISRS Advanced Scaffolder
Claim £250 for operatives qualifying for their first CISRS Advanced Scaffolder Card.

Newly Qualified CISRS Supervisor
Claim £500 for operatives qualifying for their first CISRS Supervisor Scaffolder Card.

CISRS Systems Scaffold Product Training Scheme (SSPTS) Endorsement
Claim £175 for operatives completing a CISRS SSPTS course and getting the system endorsement on their CISRS Scaffolder or Advanced Card.

CISRS Scaffold Inspection Training Scheme (SITS)
Claim £175 for operatives completing a CISRS SITS systems product course and receiving an inspection card.

New Entrant (Non-Scaffolding Operative)
Claim £150 for any relevant industry training completed by a new member of staff, who is not a scaffolder. This could be office staff, trainee estimators, drivers, etc.

Mental Health First Aid
Claim £150 (previously £125) to help pay for a mental health first aid course.

Course Information

Cost: £185 (No VAT charged)

Duration: 1 days

Mandatory Entry Requirements: See Mandatory Entry Requirements

Funding: See Grants and Funding

How to Apply

Call 01922 663600 for course dates.

Upcoming Start Dates

No future start dates:

Further Training

You can be assessed for higher NVQs at the Construction Midlands. We provide details to all trainees.