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SUDS Components

• Run off control process
• Green Roofs
• Soakaways
• Infiltration Basins
• Pervious Surfaces
• Filter Drains
• Swales

Permeable Paving

• Systems
• Pavement Layers
• Sloping Sites
• Underground Services
• Inlets from Roof Drainage
• Flow Control Devices
• Designs
• Hydraulic Requirements
• Loading Requirements

By the end of the course, participants will be able to:

• Understand the principles of SUDS and Permeable Paving
• Identify different components of SUDS and Permeable Paving systems
• Design and install SUDS and Permeable Paving systems
• Understand hydraulic and loading requirements of SUDS and Permeable Paving systems
• Gain knowledge on how to reduce surface runoff in construction projects


SUDS and Permeable paving


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Cost: £150 (No VAT charged)

Duration: 1 Day

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