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Day 1:
• Introduction to EWI- learn about the fundamentals of external wall insulation, including its benefits, key components, and the different types of EWI systems.
• Customer Care- how to engage with clients and customers professionally, handling any questions or concerns they may have regarding the EWI installation process.
• Surface Preparation- cover the key steps needed to prepare the surface for EWI installation, including cleaning, priming, and applying adhesives.
• Board Installation- how to install insulation boards correctly, ensuring a secure and stable base for the EWI system.

Day 2:
• Classroom Base Coats and Mesh: In this session, you’ll learn about the different types of base coats and mesh available, and how to select the appropriate options for your project.
• Apply Base Coat and Mesh: This practical session will guide you through the process of applying base coat and mesh to the EWI system, ensuring a strong and durable foundation for the finish coats.
• Classroom Finish Coats: In this session, you’ll learn about the different types of finish coats available, including their properties, application methods, and design options.

Day 3:
• Apply Finish Coat and Detail- guide you through the final stages of the EWI installation process, including applying the finish coat and adding any necessary detailing.
• Summary of Course- provide a recap of the key learning points from the course and answer any remaining questions you may have.

By completing this course, you will gain the following benefits:
• Practical skills in installing external wall insulation systems
• Knowledge of EWI systems and their benefits
• Understanding of customer care and communication in construction projects
• Familiarity with different types of base coats, mesh, and finish coats
• Enhanced career prospects in the construction industry


External Wall Insulation


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